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Hott with Two T’s

So it was a Sunday and it was the usual, get up, have breakfast, get in the shower, yada, yada, yada and finally church. And there I was, a brand new dress, I thought I looked Hott with two T’s! Walking down the hallway, you know minding my own business, I wave to a few kids already in class and proceed to enter and take my seat.

It had not yet been five minutes when I feel a light tap on my shoulder, I turn around and see a familiar face. She asks me if I can accompany her back to the classroom, the same one where the kids were having class. Okay, I thought, she probably needs help. I nod and follow her back.

Anyways, to make a short story long.

I go into the classroom with another teacher facing a kid, it seemed like they were having a serious conversation. Okay, the woman with me says. Tell her what you told me. The kid looks me straight in the eye and says “ I said you looked fat in that dress today” I look around me. The woman wasn’t in a dress and the man next to me sure as the sky wasn’t wearing a dress. I shrank about 5 inches. That’s right, I officially was four feet and eleven inches. The lady, thinking I didn’t hear said, “He said you looked fat today” (Bless her little soul) Of course, inwardly I was hoping the little kid meant fat as phat (pretty hot and tempting) but alas I knew he wasn’t. I was able to say “It’s okay, don’t worry about it” with the little mustard seed of strength I had left. And as you may imagine, I left walking with crouched shoulders, my glasses askew, my feet dragging … yes, your mother’s worst nightmare. I didn’t even hear the sorry afterwards, it didn’t matter, the damage was done.

Point being, I let these words get me down. I let these seven words bring me down … down … down (via Down by Jay Sean)

Telling you this story reminds me of Lucy’s point of view (Don Miller’s, author of Blue Like Jazz, dog). She writes she hardly notices her body. She only notices it when she enjoys the pleasure of life. Someone petting her belly, feeling the cold air rub against her, a pat on the head. She asks why human’s aren’t able to do the same. She notes, that she isn’t her body. We aren’t our bodies, we are the people in our bodies. Our bodies are just what we need to enjoy some of earth’s pleasures. To hug, to smile, to laugh, to see … So if we aren’t our bodies, why can’t we forget about them a little more? I don’t know why its hard. But it was for me that day, I have yet to wear that dress again. Like a saying goes “We are not a body with a soul but a soul with a body.” So don’t be too upset guys if you don’t look like the Old Spice guy and girls don’t be upset if you don’t look like Megan Fox, there is much more to beauty than what your body looks like. I’ll leave you with this. “”There’s inner beauty and outer beauty but TRUE beauty comes from within.”

Now, please excuse me while I put on my dress,



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